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Comics on Handhelds Today

Category : 08: A Graphic Diary, Festival, futurecomix, SHOOTING WAR March 17, 2009

To my friends attending SXSW: today is the big day. I’m signing copies of both 08 and SHOOTING WAR at the Day Stage Cafe at 3:30pm today:

And shortly after, the moment we’ve been planning for arrives at 5pm:

Joining me onstage are Diesel Sweeties creator Rich Stevens, Uclick.com CEO Douglas Edwards, Dr. Sketchy’s creator Molly Crabapple, Google Android engineer Dave Bort and The Longbox Group’s Rantz Hoseley; judging from our meetup dinner last night, there’s going to be some serious discussion about hardware’s influence on the storytelling and format and what these changes mean for publishers, creators and readers. We’ll be using #comicsonhandhelds to filter/respond to tagged tweeted questions during the panel.

And those of you not attending… you’ll still be able to interact with us over Twitter during the panel using #comicsonhandhelds. The panel will be available in audio+video online soon as well; watch this space for details.

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