Category : Art for Fun, Digital, Illustration, In Print February 20, 2011

I promised I’d share a sweet lil’ slice my 2pg piece for the TRANSMETROPOLITAN ART BOOK; you gotta pick up a copy of the book to see the whole piece, but here’s teh peek:

Take Two in Color

Category : Art for Fun, In Print July 28, 2010

In the prepping-RLP-and-moving-to-Brazil chaos of late last year, I told you about TAKE TWO, the 6-page comic I’d written/drawn for the UK anthology CTRL.ALT.SHIFT UNMASKS CORRUPTION. The anthology was released in conjunction with the Comica Festival, and was featured in The Guardian (with the requisite Bam! Pow! headline *facepalm*) as well as in a swanky Soho gallery show… but it only appeared in greyscale in the final published book (still available here).

I’d like to share TAKE TWO with you guys here and now, in its intended full-color. Clickety-click, my lovelies:

SXSW Bag Stuffing

Category : Art for Fun, Festival March 12, 2010

SXSW just posted this video of their tote bags being stuffed, and as a proud papa, I can see my design veryveryvery tiny at the head of the “Interactive” line; it’s a cool 00:39 to see behind-the-scenes work, and know that all of those people went “guuuh” when they saw my artwork:

Red Plastic

Category : Art for Fun, Digital February 9, 2009

My contribution to Dean Haspiel’s excellent Next Door Neighbor series is a more experimental piece I wrote last year entitled Red Plastic. This was a chance for me to draw more effortless cartooning and I had a blast with it; you can read it for free here:

Yes We Will

Category : Art for Fun, Digital, futurecomix January 19, 2009

My newest comic “YES WE WILL” is online now at, who blurb the comic as: “It’s 2012, and President Obama finally delivers on his campaign promise.” Have a read and sun yourself in the blazing birth-fires of a new world.

Yours Truly Reporting

Category : 08: A Graphic Diary, Art for Fun December 2, 2008

Dearest reader, I’d like to share some photos snapped by the artful lens of Seth Kushner in anticipation of 08’s January 6 release. Seth and I met at Grand Central Terminal in New York during weekday lunch-hour, capture a NY journalists-of-past vibe but with a modern touchscreen twist:

Unboxing the Softcover

Category : "Kelly", Art for Fun, In Print, SHOOTING WAR August 20, 2008

Grand Central just sent me copies of the US softcover edition of SHOOTING WAR, which I am slowly unboxing for you now, slowly unwrapping all wide-eyed like little brother on Christmas morning. The softcover will be available in both bookstores & comic shops on September 9th, priced at USD$13.99.

Second Heartbeat

Category : Art for Fun, Personal July 13, 2008

I woke up one morning about three weeks ago feeling very different, something new in my gut that didn’t have a human name to put to it. I’ve since spent alot time not-listening and not-thinking to myself, just enjoying the velvety feel of this newish skin:

Though I’ve spent much of this year with my head down busy creating “08” and all this work nobody knows about yet, I imagine the constant cycling between multiple projects that I equally love is the root of this new feeling. My daily writing/drawing regimen used to be a concentrated effort of discipline and time-management, a focus/release of fire… but it now feels more like an involuntary system of my organism, a second heartbeat that sits above my skull and throbs ideas to me in secret code through my dreams and quiet waking moments.

Tuesday at NY Public Library

Category : Art for Fun, Press April 12, 2008

In conjunction with next week’s NYCC, I’m speaking in a Young Adults seminar on Tuesday, April 15. I’m putting together a discussion on how to create write/design memorable characteres; all details/map contained below:

Mister Goldman’s Fancy New Shop

Category : "Kelly", Art for Fun February 19, 2008