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New York Magazine: The Life of Wylie

Category : dangoldmandotnet September 27, 2010

For this week’s New York Magazine (the Who Runs New York? issue), I created a 2-page comic spread about superagent Andrew Wylie’s controversial career.  It’s free to view online – a slideshow of the individual panels  – but to see the original designeriffic sexiness that I sweated over a glowing Cintiq to bring you, you’ll have to fork a few bits over for the dead tree edition:

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Studio Peek

Category : dangoldmandotnet September 27, 2010

I’m finishing up my work on a Secret Animated Project over the next few days; after that I’m gonna be Mister Goldman Comma Writer for a while. And yes, those are my wife’s overalls.


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RLP Part 14

Category : dangoldmandotnet May 5, 2010

Even though yesterday saw a new episode of Red Light Properties, I was running around Manhattan like a Gossip Girl and couldn’t post about it here until this morning. So without further a-doo-doo, THRILL as the Jentas contribute information to the cause, both helpful and dire! Now up at Tor.com:

You can also start reading RLP from the beginning.

Portfolio Refresh: March 2010

Category : dangoldmandotnet, Illustration March 15, 2010

Hello hello! I’ve updated my portfolio today for the first time since late last year, adding recent editorial and design pieces done in/around Red Light Properties (don’t ask me how). There are some peaches in there, like this piece from New York Magazine that hit the stands as I drove down to Florida from Brooklyn:

I love love love being busy busy busy with illustration work & loads of new comics, but unfortunately it’s the bloggity-blog-blog that’s first to fall by the wayside. When I have so many plates a-spinning, sometimes keeping track of me via Twitter can be the best and easiest thing. I promise I’ll see you lovelies here again tomorrow with a new installment of RLP.

Hedgies Unhinged

Category : dangoldmandotnet November 20, 2009

I’m sitting in the crowd at MIT right now at the Futures of Entertainment 4 conference, but I juuuuust had to ping you about a piece in this week’s NY Magazine I’ve done.

FYI I finished some color illustrations yesterday for next week’s issue; more on that later.

The Right Now of Comics

Category : dangoldmandotnet August 20, 2009

As promised, my DIY Days presentation “The Right Now of Comics” is right here, right now:

Unrelated: I’ve got a new series on stovetop; watch this space for news coming soon, my lovelies…

August 3: Speaking at DIY Days

Category : dangoldmandotnet, Festival, futurecomix July 29, 2009

This Saturday (August 3rd), I’m giving a talk on “The Future of Comics” at the cross-media conference DIY Days, put on by my friends at The Workbook Project. DIY Days is free for all; details are here:

If you can’t attend, my talk will likely be available online shortly after as well.

Archived at the New York Historical Society

Category : 08: A Graphic Diary, dangoldmandotnet, In Print, Press April 10, 2009

At our Book Court signing last night, Michael Crowley and I presented a signed copy of 08 to Alan Balicki of the New York Historical Society, who will place the book in their permanent archives as a historical record of the 2008 presidential election… in comics form.

Alan rattled off an incredible list of people who’d dedicated printed materials with the phrase “Presented to the NY Historical Society” before us and it’s an honor to be a part of that tradition:

Inside City Hall

Category : dangoldmandotnet January 26, 2009

Last week, Michael Crowley and I appeared on NY1’s “Inside City Hall with Dominic Carter”; I’ve put the clips on our 08 Facebook group but I wanted to share them with the rest of you guys as well:



Shot on the Roof

Category : dangoldmandotnet April 12, 2008

Yesterday I was visited by photographer Seth Kushner to shoot/interview me for his upcoming NYC Graphic Novelists book; we went up to the roof of my building to grab its gorgeous vista as a background:

More shots of me and other NYC cartoonists at Seth’s photoblog now.