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Category : Art for Fun, Digital, Illustration, In Print February 20, 2011

I promised I’d share a sweet lil’ slice my 2pg piece for the TRANSMETROPOLITAN ART BOOK; you gotta pick up a copy of the book to see the whole piece, but here’s teh peek:

YES WE WILL [re-post]

Category : Digital, webcomics February 14, 2011

On the day of President Obama’s inauguration, this story I did ran on Tor.com. I heard from a handful of people that it wasn’t viewable in Tor’s “fancy new player”, so I’m reposting it here for posterity. Click to begin:

1a Mostra 3M Arte Digital

Category : Digital, Festival, futurecomix, Illustration August 13, 2010

At the invitation of Brazilian arts magazine Zupi, I’m participating in the 1a Mostra 3M Arte Digital as both a guest artist & workshop speaker. The exhibition begins next week (August 18) here in São Paulo with a talk by my friend/compatriot Molly Crabapple.

My own workshop will be the final of the exhibition, held on September 29; I’ve titled it “Narrativas Plásticas: Criando Hístorias Visuais com Técnicas Digitais” (or “Plastic Narratives: Creating Visual Stories with Digital Tools” para os gringos). I’ll post video of the talk just for YOU after 09/29.

Here’s info from their site em português:

Imaginar os atuais processos de criação sem a interferência de ferramentas digitais é uma tarefa cada vez mais difícil. Por essa razão, cabe a pergunta: hoje, podemos dissociar o real do virtual? Tentando responder a essa questão, a Mostra de Arte Digital tem como intenção discutir a relação entre as novas tecnologias e a arte, exibindo trabalhos totalmente digitais e obras manuais que são divulgadas pelas novas mídias.

Sem depender mais dos meios de divulgação tradicionais, os artistas podem, hoje, divulgar seus trabalhos pelo celular, computador ou vídeo, apresentado suas obras em qualquer lugar e a qualquer momento. Por isso, softwares e ferramentas digitais ganham cada vez mais adeptos.

A partir disso, nada mais justo do que apresentar uma mostra que exponha obras de artistas que dialogam com essa tendência, para que todos acessem, vejam e apreciem. Fazendo juz ao nome, a Mostra de Arte Digital irá expor os trabalhos em telas de LCD e em computadores, além de apresentar as mesas digitalizadoras, convidando o público a realizar ilustrações em plataformas inovadoras. Bem-vindo ao futuro.

RLP Week 10

Category : Digital, Red Light Properties, webcomics March 16, 2010

Good morning internets! Today brings light through the grey grey clouds, in the form of a fresh installment of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES, in which a new kid on the block appears, literally:

You can also start RLP from the beginning.

RLP Week 08

Category : Digital, Red Light Properties, webcomics February 23, 2010

Tuesday brings a new installment of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES over at Tor.com; this week sees some after-hours aetheric espionage:

You can also start reading from the beginning here.

RLP Week 06

Category : Digital, Red Light Properties, webcomics February 9, 2010

This week’s episode of Red Light Properties give the team a moment to exhale and remember how goddamn mad they are at each other. Online now at Tor.com:

RLP Week 05

Category : Digital, Red Light Properties, webcomics February 2, 2010

Happy Tuesday, everyone… I’ve baked you some fresh comics, ready now:

For the Love of Comics

Category : Digital, Press, Red Light Properties January 26, 2010

I was interviewed earlier this month on Seth Kushner’s excellent NYC Graphic Novelists blog about my love for comics and (naturally) my new series, and I rather liked this poetical notion that popped out of my fingertips:

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of ghosts, of places holding onto echoes of their inhabitants; when I was a kid in Florida, I spent a summer riding my bike to the library everyday and reading every book on ghost photography I could get my hands on… It probably had to do with me losing one of my grandfathers early on and seeing him hanging around our house for a few years afterwards. But when you cross that obsession and sensitivity with a love of history and culture, all of a sudden those echoes contain music, perfumes, context… and there’s a certain romance to that, of old times that have passed on but still remain.

It was also an opportunity for Seth to showcase some of his excellent photography we’ve done together over the last few years for various book projects, like the following pic:

I love this pic for two reasons: 1) it’s a total fake… I’m still in my old bedroom in Brooklyn, floating against a photoshopped Miami background and Seth lit me to match the beach moonlight, and 2) that leather loveseat is where I wrote Red Light Properties’ final 7th draft; I left it behind in Williamsburg when we moved down to São Paulo and my heart still aches for my cool and smooshy place to sit and dream.

Our current couch here aches my tuchus after extended sessions; stay tuned for fuckin’ fascinating future furniture developments.

Radar Features RLP

Category : Digital, Red Light Properties, Video, webcomics January 25, 2010

The fine folks at the Radar project dedicated a full episode of this season to myself and Red Light Properties, making a short film about how I create this new work at this particular turning point in my life/career.

And if you’re not already reading RLP, the first page is right here.

You can also check out the rest of Radar’s well-done arts series on Babelgum.

Intelligencer and Narcissism

Category : Digital, Illustration, In Print July 15, 2009

I’ve illustrated an Intelligencer piece in this week’s New York Magazine that compares the over-diagnosis of “narcissism” today versus the potency of a good old-fashioned insult:

Also: it made me all 08-nostalgic to draw a horrific Sarah Palin again for an evening… *sniff*.