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1a Mostra 3M Arte Digital

Category : Digital, Festival, futurecomix, Illustration August 13, 2010

At the invitation of Brazilian arts magazine Zupi, I’m participating in the 1a Mostra 3M Arte Digital as both a guest artist & workshop speaker. The exhibition begins next week (August 18) here in São Paulo with a talk by my friend/compatriot Molly Crabapple.

My own workshop will be the final of the exhibition, held on September 29; I’ve titled it “Narrativas Plásticas: Criando Hístorias Visuais com Técnicas Digitais” (or “Plastic Narratives: Creating Visual Stories with Digital Tools” para os gringos). I’ll post video of the talk just for YOU after 09/29.

Here’s info from their site em português:

Imaginar os atuais processos de criação sem a interferência de ferramentas digitais é uma tarefa cada vez mais difícil. Por essa razão, cabe a pergunta: hoje, podemos dissociar o real do virtual? Tentando responder a essa questão, a Mostra de Arte Digital tem como intenção discutir a relação entre as novas tecnologias e a arte, exibindo trabalhos totalmente digitais e obras manuais que são divulgadas pelas novas mídias.

Sem depender mais dos meios de divulgação tradicionais, os artistas podem, hoje, divulgar seus trabalhos pelo celular, computador ou vídeo, apresentado suas obras em qualquer lugar e a qualquer momento. Por isso, softwares e ferramentas digitais ganham cada vez mais adeptos.

A partir disso, nada mais justo do que apresentar uma mostra que exponha obras de artistas que dialogam com essa tendência, para que todos acessem, vejam e apreciem. Fazendo juz ao nome, a Mostra de Arte Digital irá expor os trabalhos em telas de LCD e em computadores, além de apresentar as mesas digitalizadoras, convidando o público a realizar ilustrações em plataformas inovadoras. Bem-vindo ao futuro.

Unboxing the Medium at FOE4

Category : Festival, futurecomix, Red Light Properties January 25, 2010

I’m doing a bit of catch-up here as I’ve launched a new series and moved to another country since I experienced this incredible MIT conference, so please bear with me, my lovelies, as I marry the signal-gaps and blog my way back to the present:

This past November, I was a speaker at the Converge Culture Consortium at MIT’s Futures of Entertainment 4 conference, taking part on the “Unboxing the Medium” panel discussion. Here’s the panel description with embedded video below:

What counts as “radio” when it comes via podcast rather than over the air? How do we create “television” as the limitations of spectrum scarcity slip away and content is delivered online?

Media is determined by conventions that emerge from both technological constraints and cultural practices – the technologies of content delivery shape the industrial and the creative modes that define something like “television.” In a world of convergence, the basis for many of the conventions that define media are in flux. How can we come to understand and redefine the industrial, consumption and creative practices of media as convergence works to erode some of the distinctions between them?

How is radio affected once it moves from the Hertzian waves to the podcast? What happens to the comic once it moves from the page to a Playstation? How are audiences responding to and shaping these shifts? And how are business models adapting to these changes?

Moderated by Joshua Green – Research Manager, Convergence Culture Consortium

Dan Goldman – Illustrator of Shooting War
Jennifer Holt – UC Santa Barbara, co-editor of Media Industries (Wiley-Blackwell)
Brian Larkin – Milbank Barnard College
Avner Ronen – CEO & Co-founder, Boxee

You can watch videos of the entire FOE4 conference now here.

RLP Week 03

Category : futurecomix, Red Light Properties, webcomics January 19, 2010

The third installment of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES just went live on Tor.com, where we get to spend some solo time with Jude Tobin and secretary/ghost photog Zoya Pashenko. You can check it out here:

Or you can start the series from the beginning.

RLP Week 02

Category : futurecomix, Red Light Properties, webcomics January 12, 2010

Our story opens up in the second installment of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES, online now at Tor.com:

Miami Book Fair 2009

As a guest of this year’s Miami Book Fair International, I’m doing a closed-session talk on my experiences and techniques with publishing comics online (you can still register here) and then sharing the stage with two dear Joshes I know talking about our politically-themed books, all part of the Fair’s increasingly-impressive Comic Galaxy program:

Friday, Nov. 13, Session 2B (1:00–1:50 p.m.)
Room 7128 (Building 7, 1st Floor)

Creating Web Comics: The New Sunday Funnies with Dan Goldman, Comics Creator
Before the birth of the Internet, comics artists had very few outlets where they could effectively promote their work. The Sunday funny pages were the ultimate sign of success, but to get there, one had to work hard to get exposure via underground papers, free papers or even self-publishing. The Web has flung the doors open to reveal a global audience of readers hungry for comics of all shapes and sizes, styles and genres. Dan Goldman discusses the various aspects of creating web comics, such as creating memorable characters and series, ways to move seamlessly between digital and print, what makes a web comic successful online and how to market your own.

Saturday, Nov. 14, 11:30 a.m.
Centre Gallery (Building 1, 3rd Floor, Room 1365)

Panel Discussion: Dan Goldman on 08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail, Josh Neufeld, on A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge and Joshua Dysart on Unknown Soldier

Right after arriving back in South Florida, I was also profiled for the Miami New Times, where I got to talk about my Miami-based new series RED LIGHT PROPERTIES that launches on January 5:

If you’re in Miami and would like to meet up, please drop me a line and come introduce yourself at the events. It’s always a pleasure to meet you other-side-of-the-screen cats in person.

August 3: Speaking at DIY Days

Category : dangoldmandotnet, Festival, futurecomix July 29, 2009

This Saturday (August 3rd), I’m giving a talk on “The Future of Comics” at the cross-media conference DIY Days, put on by my friends at The Workbook Project. DIY Days is free for all; details are here:

If you can’t attend, my talk will likely be available online shortly after as well.

SXSWi Podcast Now Online

Category : Digital, Festival, futurecomix May 27, 2009

The full audio of my SXSW Interactive panel “Comics on Handhelds: Taking Webcomics Mobile” is now online thanks to the good people down in Austin TX.

Guest of the @Lab

Category : futurecomix, Personal April 26, 2009

Beginning this Wednesday, I’m heading out to Ohio University as a guest of their fine art school’s Aesthetic Technology Lab (@Lab for short) for a four-day cross-disciplinary workshop with artists from several different fields and art students. Brought in for the “Comic Book Bootcamp,” I’ll be working with students alongside my dear friend Joshua Dysart, artist Ron Wimberly and Vertigo Editor Pornsak Pichetshote. More info on Comic Book Boot Camp is here:

Comics on Handhelds Today

Category : 08: A Graphic Diary, Festival, futurecomix, SHOOTING WAR March 17, 2009

To my friends attending SXSW: today is the big day. I’m signing copies of both 08 and SHOOTING WAR at the Day Stage Cafe at 3:30pm today:

And shortly after, the moment we’ve been planning for arrives at 5pm:

Joining me onstage are Diesel Sweeties creator Rich Stevens, Uclick.com CEO Douglas Edwards, Dr. Sketchy’s creator Molly Crabapple, Google Android engineer Dave Bort and The Longbox Group’s Rantz Hoseley; judging from our meetup dinner last night, there’s going to be some serious discussion about hardware’s influence on the storytelling and format and what these changes mean for publishers, creators and readers. We’ll be using #comicsonhandhelds to filter/respond to tagged tweeted questions during the panel.

And those of you not attending… you’ll still be able to interact with us over Twitter during the panel using #comicsonhandhelds. The panel will be available in audio+video online soon as well; watch this space for details.

SXSW Interactive 2009

Category : Digital, Festival, futurecomix February 16, 2009

I’ll be moderating a panel called Comics on Handhelds: Taking Webcomics Mobile at this year’s SXSW Interactive festival. We’ve combed the internets to find opinionated experts to discuss the growing industry of digitally-delivered comics and how to rethink what’s been done to create both global communities and viable business models. Our panelists will be Diesel Sweeties creator Rich Stevens, UClick.com’s Douglas Edwards, cartoonist Molly Crabapple and Longbox’s Rantz Hoseley; come on down to Austin… we’d love to have you there to take part in the discussion.