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Featured in Taschen Books’ ILLUSTRATION NOW! 4

Category : Illustration, In Print January 14, 2012

A quick bloggity-doodle here to let you know I’ve been featured by Taschen Books as one of 150 illustrators in the new ILLUSTRATION NOW! 4. The level of work inside is seriously staggering and inspiring, and somewhere in this fat delicious tome is work by lil’ ol’ me:


Category : Art for Fun, Digital, Illustration, In Print February 20, 2011

I promised I’d share a sweet lil’ slice my 2pg piece for the TRANSMETROPOLITAN ART BOOK; you gotta pick up a copy of the book to see the whole piece, but here’s teh peek:

Take Two in Color

Category : Art for Fun, In Print July 28, 2010

In the prepping-RLP-and-moving-to-Brazil chaos of late last year, I told you about TAKE TWO, the 6-page comic I’d written/drawn for the UK anthology CTRL.ALT.SHIFT UNMASKS CORRUPTION. The anthology was released in conjunction with the Comica Festival, and was featured in The Guardian (with the requisite Bam! Pow! headline *facepalm*) as well as in a swanky Soho gallery show… but it only appeared in greyscale in the final published book (still available here).

I’d like to share TAKE TWO with you guys here and now, in its intended full-color. Clickety-click, my lovelies:

New York: Obscure Olympics

Category : Illustration, In Print February 11, 2010

Last week I did an illustration for New York Magazine about the more obscure sports in the Olympics; their art director asked me to reference a sport I couldn’t get a name for, something that looked like it was played on your knees with a Swiffer and a car-wax-buffer. The article speaks to the branded endorsements being more valuable than the nationalism, so I’m rather into the blank flags ringing the earth and “SPONSOR” on his jersey:

Sea of Perotistas

Category : Illustration, In Print November 9, 2009

I did the Intelligencer lead illustration for this week’s New York magazine, about Obama’s relationship with independent voters and what he can do to sway them:

Unmasking Corruption

Category : In Print November 9, 2009

While I’m holed up down south prepping the launch of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES, I wanted to shine a light on the co-curated new comic anthology between Ctrl.Alt.Shift and this year’s Comica Festival: a new book entitled CTRL.ALT.SHIFT UNMASKS CORRUPTION, to which I’ve contributed a six-page wordless story called “Take Two.” Written up in The Independent, the Sunday London Times and in last week’s Guardian, with “Take Two” front and center:

I’m eagerly awaiting my own copy to see my own stuff alongside new works by Dave McKean, Pat Mills, Lee O’Connor, Bryan Talbot and more. Here’s the cover of the book; it’s available via Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s site (and via Diamond Comics in November):

Process: Obama’s Meddle

Category : Illustration, In Print September 25, 2009

I did an Intelligencer piece for New York Magazine today on Obama’s conflict with NY Governor Paterson. Click the image to see my Simpsonsesque initial sketch and then the final piece:

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption

Category : Festival, In Print September 9, 2009

In connection with this year’s absolutely top-notch Comica Festival in London, I’ve written and drawn a six-page story called “Take Two” for the Comica-exclusive Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption anthology. Edited by Paul Gravett, the anthology is described as “a limited edition comic book which aims to highlight corruption as both the cause of poverty and a barrier to overcoming it, featuring original work from leading comic artists and creative figures from around the world.”

And as with Paul Gravett’s Comica, there’s some truly wonderful talent involved; frankly the prospect of being published alongside masters like Bryan Talbot and Pat Mills has got me all wiggly in the knees.

My contribution “Take Two” deals with injustice and manipulation here in the States, dressed as lifestyle; I describe it over at Comica’s site (in typically long sentences) as:

…a piece about the insidious and pervasive tango of the pharmaceutical/food industry and the media that sells it all to us as reality, how it affects/controls and even shapes culture… and the alternatives being kids quitting their “meds”, unplugging from media that dulls them, going outside, eating real food. I’m thinking more of a tone/image poem 6 pages in length, where we see these chains of manufactured consumer-reality from the point-of-view of a young man doubting who he is, where he comes from, and the possibilities inherent in breaking free of them.

You can hear me and some of my page-mates sounding off about our inspirations for our pieces here.

Neanderthals in TIME

Category : Illustration, In Print August 4, 2009

The comic I’ve written/drawn for TIME magazine that accompanies this article on Neanderthals being hunted by Cro-Magnon man appears in this week’s issue with “Paging Dr. Obama” on the cover. Here’s an unlettered panel; unfortunately the piece is not online, but you can find it just about any local newsstand:

NY Magazine: Bad for the Jews?

Category : Illustration, In Print August 3, 2009

New York magazine’s Intelligencer article “Bad for the Jews?” features an illustration by me this week; you can read the whole piece here: