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RLP Under One Roof

Category : Red Light Properties, webcomics January 4, 2011

The first volume of my ongoing series RED LIGHT PROPERTIES now lives at the same site as the new stories I’ve been bleeping about. This story ran all last year on Tor.com with a click-through navigation, but my RLP site is a no-frills/just comics affair designed for any bandwidths.

You can access all my Red Light Properties stories to date now
via the RLP Case Files page:

This should tide you hungry-brains over till next week, when the current story “Florida Pain” winds up; I’m finishing it up with my not-typing hand now…

New Weekly RLP Episodes Coming Nov 16

Category : Red Light Properties, webcomics November 1, 2010

I took a quick nap, then started writing again and built a new website.

AND SO: Straight from the horse’s mouth: all-new RLP episodes will be coming every Tuesday starting Nov. 16th. We’re opening with a handful of short stories before we dive into the deep end, and the first one is “Sometimes A Cigar…”

Here’s three easy ways to stay in the loop when we come back:

See you there, beautiful ones!

Rushkoff on RLP for BoingBoing

Category : Press, Red Light Properties, webcomics October 7, 2010

Kids, I just gotta share this with you… such a smashing way to roll into my Thursday:

My Real Estate Nightmare in PW

Category : Press, Red Light Properties, webcomics October 5, 2010

That’s got to be my favorite interview title thus far, coming from a chat I had last month with Ada Price for Publisher’s Weekly:

In other RLP news, can I please tease that the first RLP short to hit the still-shitty soon-fancy new website in November (and yes, we’re gonna be weekly from there) is titled “Sometimes A Cigar…”. Cock them comment-cannons now, ya jerks.

Suicide Girls Interview

Category : Press, Red Light Properties September 14, 2010

Ace interviewer Alex Dueben and I chatted recently about RED LIGHT PROPERTIES for Suicide Girls, and while SG apparently chose not to run the red-latex-and-chocolate-sauce photo spread I’d submitted with my answers, it does contain a lot of secret-origin-type backstory about the birth and shape of the series:

Wired Dubs RLP ‘Recession Psychedelia’

Category : Press, Red Light Properties, webcomics September 9, 2010

Wired.com’s Scott Thill profiled RLP the other day with a feature and an image gallery of some of the graphic novel’s weirder moments. I thought this bit summed things up nicely:

“Digital innovation is part of Goldman’s process… The result is a druggy blast inspired by Goldman’s heroes like Terence McKenna, Larry David and Wong Kar-wai.”

Jude Tobin Interviewed

Category : Press, Red Light Properties, webcomics September 9, 2010

Timed to coincide with RED LIGHT PROPERTIES’ finale, I cut Jude Tobin loose for a few hours, and let Jeff Newelt interview him without me getting in the middle. ComicsAlliance nabs this exclusive peek into the mind of Miami’s schlubbiest shaman; in the end they threw me a bone and let me draw a portrait of this meeting of expanded minds:

full-size art here

RLP Finale (and Future)

Category : Red Light Properties, webcomics September 8, 2010

The finale for RED LIGHT PROPERTIES is live on now on Tor, and I can’t read it without smiling ear to ear. The original draft of this story formed in my brain over nine years ago, and it’s such a joy-splosion to sit down and read the whole thing now.

And while this is The End, it’s also just the beginning. The story will continue, first with some short comic pieces to keep my muscles wiry and then to the second novel-length story in the series, MALA FAMA.

This finale does mark the end of me and Tor.com; from here I’ll be posting the comic at redlightproperties.com instead. That gives me all the freedom to fiddle with every little thing without stumbling over other people’s deadlines or corporate entity’s manpower issues and schedules. I’m a motherfuckin’ freelancer for a reason, yknow?

This does mean I’ve got some work ahead of me, to hammer the RLP site into a proper publishing engine… It shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to get shiny, and I’ll be cracking a champagne bottle of new RLP stories over the bow once she’s ready.

To that end, I’ve created an RLP Subscribe page that can help us stay connected with a few easy options, so you’ll know the very second RLP returns from beyond the veil with more more more comics.

Thanks to everybody for all your comments, emails, tweets, blogs, etc… A story ain’t much without an audience, and you are all the reason I do what I do.

—my hearts beats for you all—> d!

RLP Part 22 (of 23)

Category : Red Light Properties, webcomics August 26, 2010

The penultimate chapter of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES has just gone live, in which Jude returns to the office in time for a very sweaty interview with a reporter from Tropic Magazine:

From here, this novel wraps up in two weeks on Sept 7th with our big fat finale… but this is far from the end for Miami’s favorite phenomenologist/realtors. Jude & co. will be returning soon in the series’ second volume, MALA FAMA.

Details TK, like, really soon.

RLP Reads Smoother Than Baby’s Tuchus

Category : Red Light Properties, webcomics August 13, 2010

Over the last few months in/around creating new chapters of Red Light Properties, I’ve gone into my old files and optimized/reexported every-last-goddamn-word-balloon in the entire graphic novel to create the seamless “clickthrough” reading experience promised at the serial’s beginning. Sometime learning processes are a bitch, but in the end… we all win.

If you’ve fallen behind on reading RLP, allow me to cordially invite you to dig back in from The Beginning, or to pick up where you left off using our Chapter Index.

And if you please, share share share RLP with your friends and family; the best place to send them to would be redlightproperties.com.